Policies in Art's Chats

These policies apply in Art's Chats and any other community interactions.

The Golden Rule: Don't be a jerk.

More specific rules:

  1. Be kind.
  2. You can make limited puns. Please make 'em good.
  3. Be helpful.
  4. Be inclusive.
  5. Keep it English and no terrible language.
  6. Try to stay on-topic.
  7. Try to keep chat PG.
  8. Telling Art what to do will irritate Art and get you in trouble.
  9. No asking about a face-cam.
  10. No trying to guide a raid. Art will raid who he wants to raid.
  11. No talking in all caps. It gets automatically deleted at a certain percentage anyway.
  12. No spamming of random characters/hieroglyphs/emotes/repeated messages.
  13. Unless in Emote-Only mode, keep emotes to no more than 5 per message.
  14. No links/advertising/promotions/spoilers. This includes talking about others going/being live.
  15. Please don’t ask Art to prank/stalk/troll/message/smoke signal other players.
  16. Art is probably playing on a personal/closed/whitelist-managed server. No, you can't join.
  17. Don’t compare other streamers. We all know Art is superior.
  18. Keep chat friendly. Hate/harassment/prejudice against others will not be tolerated.
  19. Don’t post your age or other sensitive information. Certain ages require that you be banned and reported to Twitch for account removal.
  20. No backseat modding. If you see something you feel goes against this community’s rules and a Mod hasn’t seen it, please ask a Mod to take a look.
  21. No inappropriate or personal questions/statements about Art’s IRL existence.
  22. Yes, there are tags, and they apply to the streamer.
  23. Do NOT tag the streamer. It's his chat, it is all for him to read.
  24. Fake mod messages are a timeout.
  25. No giving pet names to anyone. Manners.
  26. No asking what the rules are. You will be timed out so you have time to read them.
  27. Mods can, at any point, decide to delete a post if they find it questionable.
  28. No asking Art to join your SMP in chat. If you have actually watched him play and would seriously like him to join, DM him on Twitter. Be prepared for a 'No, thanks.'

No arguing with the Mods. Their decisions are final.

Lifted pretty directly from ZombieCleo's Rules.

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